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I lost my catch record card? What do I do?
State rule, (WAC 220-56-175), still requires you to report your catch information by April 30th each year, even if you lost your card. If your card was lost or stolen, send the information requested below to:

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Fish Program
Catch Record Cards
600 Capitol Way N
Olympia WA 98501-1091

Provide the following information (See complete instructions):

Your full name
Mailing address
Telephone number with area code
Date of birth
WILD identification number, if you know it (found on your license)
All retained salmon, sturgeon, steelhead, Dungeness crab and Halibut catch information.
Except in Oregon, if you want to replace a lost tag, it's indeed a big problem. You have to go to an ODFW office for a replacement (or that's the way it's been quite recently). The license can be replaced anywhere that sells licenses... the tag, not so much.
but note that the above is not about replacing a tag to use for additional fishing; it is about how to satisfy the requirement of reporting your catch by April 30 in the event that you misplace or lose your tag before sending it in...


warning RANT ALERT!

Don't get me wrong i deply desire my kids to have better fishing and hunting then i could have dream of.

It just seems to me government is getting to big for their britches (pants for the younger people):worthy:.

it would be nice to see money going toward education and support for volunteer cleanup actions.

they just seem like they want to tell us what to do and stick their hands deeper in our wallets.

if you make fishing too complex/ expensive people will stop fishing / legally.

In the same token we as a community(outdoorsmen / women) may not have always held up our end as teachers and stewards.

We've all seen the pictures of our forefathers (overkill) before there was an environment to protect (thanks teddy)


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Not sure why people get their panties in a twist about sending in a piece of paper you no longer need. I'd be a bit irked if there was a fine for it, in the event of a lost tag, but I've only lost it once, so... It's good reporting on the hatchery runs.
I am as cynical as anyone when it comes to the, spending..etc. But i agree with the statement above, don't think it is really a big deal if they want our tags. It is a good thing to report on the hatchery runs, and legal marijuana is helping fund our schools now anyway :thumb:
Another quick note, i've lived on Oregon over 20 years and as i recall everytime there is a vote to increase taxes to fund education it is shot down by the people. I always vote yes since i have 2 children in the public school system here................but that's another story.


good point hobster.
info should have affect on policy.
but someone probably on here pointed out to me that
just because they work for odfw doesn't mean they are pro hunting and fishing
many anti's are "helping" write the policies now.
and its not being cynical its being aware.

people have forgotten
with freedom comes personal responsibility.
i feel a rant coming not twice in one thread :)


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info should have affect on policy.
good point, post #13 in this thread is where I quoted the CMP document on a mandatory tag return process that will most likely be implemented soon. collecting accurate catch data is a requirement of comprehensive fisheries management and maximizing returned tags is the best and lowest cost method of collecting this necessary data.

for anyone that hasn't read or skimmed through the CMP document, it is very impressive and is what will keep our coastal runs properly managed and open for maximum wild fish retention while ensuring strong runs....cheers, roger

CMP main page:

CMP final document: