Delta Ponds inquiry

Has anyone really hit delta ponds this year since they did that "improvement" If so hows the fishing? I kind of want to give it a whirl
I have not, been wanting to get out there but havent been able to set aside time. I am on the westside and closer to Hagg and other small outlets. Search the forums, I am pretty sure Colby or someone on here has wet their line out theie this year. If you head out post how it went. I am curious myself, If I get out there I will report back to the team.
I fished it a few times earlier in the spring and caught a few small ones. I drove by a few days ago and the water level is so low, places I used to catch fish are dried up. I was hopeful the fishing would return once they were done working, but it has gotten worse. I'm sure the bass are still in there, I read a post on here about someone having a stringer of big ones. :( (I don't think I'd eat bass out of there.)
There has to be a better place to fish than the delta ponds. I wouldn't waste my time there.
I am sure there are better places to fish. It just expands the places to fish. maybe ill hit it up soon. I am wanting to get out bassin this week. seems like we got a low pressure front coming in today so im not sure how that will effect the bass tho. just gotta fish and find out.
There's still bass in there. I saw a couple of nice ones 2 weeks ago on beds. Sadly I didn't have my pole with me but it was still cool to see.
I just went out and check out the ponds. It was a bit early in the day and the sun was high in the sky. I saw no fish in the edges at all save for one big carp. Couldn't get any baits out past the shallow weeds other than a spinner bait. Good luck here. Doubt I'll come back while the water is so far down.
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