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in fact, I just cured mine from a pair of Siltcoos hens that we caught on Wednesday-


first, I use scissors to very carefully remove the skeins from the fish without tearing or getting any fresh water on them, into a ziplock and into the fridge.

my curing process is- carefully butterfly each skein through the center and then I cut the membrane to split them in half, into a gallon ziplock, fully cover with the Redd Hot Pro-Cure, into the fridge for 6 hours, gently massage them every hour or so, drain OFF the cure liquid and lay them on a stack of paper towels, cover loosely with another paper towel, got these back into the fridge just after the Duck-Coug game ended (grrrrr).

Out of the fridge this morning, slightly dry on the top, just perfect:


each of these half-skeins is what I like to take for a day of winter steelhead fishing, last step is to gently vacuum seal them, label, and freeze:

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3,2,1 cure from my Grandpa George.

3 parts Borax, 2 parts non-iodized salt, 1 package of red instant jello.

1. Lay out the skiens on a cutting board and gently towel dry.
2. Mix these all in a large mixing bowl, or a gallon bag, until it has a uniform color.
3. Take a large gallon size container, I like to use a giant pickle jar, and pour enough of the mixture in to cover the bottom.
4. Use kitchen shears to clip the skeins to size and place some of them in the jar on top of your mixture with little bit of room between each egg blob. then pour in enough cure to cover.
5. Repeat this layering process until all of your eggs are in the jar with cure on top and below.
6. Store in a cool dry place out of the sunlight for about 4 days and flip the jar once each day.
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