Crane in the early Spring

Well I just returned from a week in Central Oregon with hopes of fishing three lakes in five days....didn't happen, we never left Crane. Oh My........this place is alive with Blue Ribbon Trout. We managed to figure out what they were in the mood for and did they every repay us, largest fish for the week was 9.5 lbs 30". We placed three species in the boat, Brookies are making a great come back...a great come back; the Cranebows are in better shape this year than in the past five years. Kokes are smaller than I remember but just as athletic as ever. I even managed to catch a Cat Fish this year, a new species for me...didn't think a fish like that would do very well in that climate,
The weather was typical Spring time in the mountains, if you didn't like the weather you were dealing all you had to do was wait 15 min and it would change..normally to the worst side of the spectrum.
All in all a great week of fishing and camp fire lies, good friends, good food and no one got hurt. I do believe I will be back in the Fall and do it all over again.
If you are planning a trip to this area, take my advice....take clothing for every scenario possible... and pick up a second rod license...PRICELESS:cool:

those logs are 5 feet in diameter..for scale.:D
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Oh here we go, I was just complaining to your new friend that you haven't been posting any reports for over a year now. Welcome back! Missed your reports man!
My hiatus is over and my boat is ready to take me to places my feet just weren't able; freshly divorced, bill free and ready to play in the water again.
My post should be more frequent now, and with a plethora of pictures. Funny how ones personal catastrophes can affect others, be on the lookout for Troutski at his favorite haunts.....with a Gold Spoon in hand.

Tight lines to all...

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Can't wait! In fact I might join you one of these days and start posting myself! I need one more week to be done with my project and I'll take some time off. I keep getting requests fo the UV posts :)
sounds awesome chuck great report :clap: .. id love to tangle with a trout the size of a steelhead.. :lol: gunna have to try that place sometime
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I had no idea I had such a following, well it is nice to be missed. I should be back to weekly post very soon, I just got new hours and days off ...have a few minor additions to be made to my new craft and then watch out Trout.....

Headed over there next weekend, can't imagine I'll leave empty handed, of course I'm gonna pull the trout in but did you see any Trophy Bass coming in? I grew up there and have more trouble fishing here in the willamette zone than I ever did in Central. Let me know what worked for you and perhaps I can have dinner one of the nights I'm there
Troutski said:
I had no idea I had such a following

Yeah..I had no idea either:rolleyes:;)

Thanks for the Crane Praire heads up. I am planning a trip to Diamond Lake and Wickiup as well this season but after reading your report, Crane's in the mix now. How in the heck am I going to explain needing this much time OFF?:confused:
Great Story Bro. :lol::lol::lol:
Well Done.
Great report. Glad to see you are having fun on the water again.:D
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Sinkline said:
Hey Chuck, did you happen to check the stomach contents of that monster fish? I'm very curious about whether the big Bows are feeding on the Stickleback, or not. I've read reports over the last few season where folks are claiming the fish are NOT feeding on the Stickleback, and I have read where folks are claiming the opposite???

Other than the Stickleback, I imagine the fish had the usual assortment for this time of year. Scuds, Chironomidae, a few Damsels, and perhaps a leech???


Mostly Sticklebacks to be sure....a few Dragonfly nyphms.
The fish sure had a ton of the Sticklebacks flow out of the mouth when we netted it, let alone the belly.

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Dang, I was sooo close, someday I'm gonna have to fish there. We were at wickiup this weekend, weather was crazy, but not miserable. Actually got sunburnt.
Great report Troutski!!! I'm glad you're getting back into the fishing swing of things.
It's not good to have you back, it's great!

Now you just have to get more pictures in your posts :D.
4lb test, helgramites, and a small hook is what i use to catch big bows there, i take it something along those lines fooled that big fish? Floating worms are great too. I can't wait to get up there and try my luck'
Thanks for the report, Chuck. And for telling me about this website. Hope the motor helped you get out where you wanted to go. My wife and I are heading up to Crane Prairie in mid June. Hope I have your success. Do you know if they have the Fishing supplies I,ll specifically need at the store there. Thanks again
Nice to have you on board...and yes the Honda was great. There are two stores, one at Crane and the other at South Twin; both have angling supplies plus the little items one needs in the woods;).
Shoot me your E-mail address and I will get that map to always needs a good map!!!
Tight lines and again nice to have you the site.

Quinn River ramp...

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