Coos Bay saltwater rookie seeks bank/dock fishing tips

Martin Heldt

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I am so glad to be here! I grew up fishing the Mississippi river in nothern Iowa-Wisconsin but ALL of my life I dreamed of salt water fishing. Well, I've been here 7 months and have my license. I'm too blind to drive but I live close enough to the North Bend dock and the Empire dock: can I catch anything like mackerel or herring here? What about bottom fishing? Any tips will be greatly appreciated!
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I'd say Charleston Marina dock perch fishing would probably be your best bet.
Use small hooks (#4), 1/4 oz bottom weight and bait with sand shrimp held on with a little magic thread.
Fish along the dock pilings, trying different spots until you find them.
That may even work at the Empire dock or crabbing pier.
Although I haven't read any perch reports from that spot.
And as long as you're there, you may as well drop a crab ring off the dock.
I do believe you'll do better, fishing at least, at Charleston.
I suggest you stop in at Basin Tackle there at the Charleston marina for better information and help.
You can check them out at Basin Tackle Charleston


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Welcome to Oregon and to OFF.

Here is a hotlink to a Facebook for Surf Perch fishing. The member there can probably help you figure things out, as far as perch go.


Martin Heldt

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Thanks troutdude and plumbertom!

I'll have to pester my wife into driving me down to Charleston. I'm just 6 blocks from the dock in North Bend and I've been getting red Rock crabs pretty regularly but only had one try fishing with a sabiki rig there


Empire is a bit up river to get into the bottom fish and herring you are asking about. I would late in the fall throw 1 oz pink spinners and try for a salmon running up the river.
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