anyone hear or see anything anywhere yet? any day now. i hear there in the bouy ten area, but that doesn't help all of us who want to fish the sandy and clack.. any news?
Now would be the time to start fishing the clack. When I lived in portland we would fish summer stealhead till we started to get coho then target them. The fish will usually be in for about two weeks before word gets out.
As soon as it rains a little bud!
end of the month , need a bit of rain to drive em up . im waiting just like you .
anybody have any technigues they would like to share? i know i kinda asked around last year. the only fish i hooked as far as coho last year were out of the boat. bank fishing. should i just be drifting yarn? or should i target them with bait in the clackamas run oregon city area.
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