OK so I have seen this way too many times and it annoys me lol. It annoys me when a long time angler that stands about 6 ft tall sets the hook like he or she has no energy. Cmonn my little brothers can wham it harder than that.. Well its not really the way how they set hook that annoys me, its how they get upset at everyone fishing around them when they lose the fish because of a poor hook set. I've seen this all my very young 11 yrs of fishing. Last week I went fishing for some stockers and this fairly large built man had 3 boys and a wife with him. They sat waiting for a bite for about 3 hrs and nothing still while we were whamming them left and right. The guy changes spots and fishes next to me and i didn't mind it at all. He sunk his pole, then turned around and lit a cigarette. Next thing i realize his pole is throbbing like crazy but he wasn't paying attention so I had to tap him on the shoulder to let him know that he had a bite. His boys were bored and had started to whine so a little help from me would encourage his boys a bit i thought. He grabs his rod and tries to feel the bite for a few secs. Then he hollered "it's on!" From such a big man I expected a bass type hook set but he did something that looked like he was flipping burgers.. And of course he lost the fish and yelled for his sons and wife to come fish with him at his new spot which was mine at first. Don't know if anyone feels the same way but, put some yank into that fishes mouth!
lol, we laughed at my friend for the longest time, big ol boy tring to set a hook on a sturgeon, looked like he was trying not to knock any peddles of the flower as he yanked it from the! funny story!
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great story , no problem here with us bass hounds I have been known to rip a trouts lips off " not intentionally mind you " just get so used to sending that hook home that I forget .
lol ive ripped a trouts lips off too
bawahahahah.... you guys:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:
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I thought trout were like chickens! They don't have lips.
Being a fan of ultra light and slow action rods - I usually give a solid hook set, but then again my rods cushion the light line, and the small, sharp hooks set easily without too much force. Sharp hooks are a fisherman's best friend when it comes to hooking and keeping a fish hooked. I fish barbless on just about all my hooks - if it comes w/ barbs, I pinch them before tossing a lure or fly. Got to keep the hooks sharp, and the pressure on, and the fish normally won't escape.

The thing that I always get a chuckle at, is the guy who feels he needs a stiff action rod more suited for fall chinook or sturgeon, with heavy line to match - in order to catch a few stocker hotdog trout or some panfish. Then again, some of the rods some of the serious bass guys use leaves me scratching my head too. I can see the need for the heavy stuff, if you're pitching swim baits like Colby and FP use - but 40 or 50lb braided line seems a bit...overkill... for a guy fishing 5-7" plastic worms for 12-15" bass.
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