Channel Catfish and Bass, Rogers Landing at Newberg area

My neighbor used to talk to me about channel catfish and bass Rogers Landing at Newberg area. Did someone fish there before? I need some advice where should I go from Rogers Landing boat launch.
I can't offer any advice having never fished the area.
My understanding is that Channel cats are fairly scarce above the falls though. Looking at the Google satellite pic would lead me to believe that almost anywhere along that river stretch, beating the shoreline with either jerks, cranks, or soft baits would drive the bass nuts.
I have never targeted catfish in the upper Willamette but I have caught a few on accident while bass fishing. This has happened around the 10th street ramp in West Linn - I don't think I have caught any when launching from Newberg. I have caught multiple bullhead while sturgeon fishing the upper river in the winter but I don't recall catching a channel cat.

From my brief encounters it seems likely to find them near weedbeds on the river. I believe people catch them in the cove where the Tualatin dumps into the Willamette and when I have caught them on accident it has been near weedbeds. From Roger's landing I would guess the most likely place is upstream around Ash Island but that is just a guess.

I have talked with some guys who are taking out when I put in and they were out at night catfishing. I have no idea where but it does sound like folks do it so I assume it is worth it.

I recommend putting on a hunk of chicken liver and finding out first hand!
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Don Fischer
bass said:
I recommend putting on a hunk of chicken liver and finding out first hand!

Problem with chicken liver is it's hard to cast without loosing it unless wrapped in cheese cloth. Tried it out on Blue Cats in the John day and it does work very well. But cast softly. Then it comes off so easy it's hard to set a hook on a fish hitting it, mostly miss them. On Bull Heads years ago chicken liver frustrated me so I switched to beef liver, saved the day! But hard to find for some reason any more. Tried calf liver and to soft. Got directions on the internet using chicken breast. Cut a breast into just a bit smaller than bait size pieces, they will expand. Put them in a mixture of one small package of strawberry Chrystal light, not the big one, the small one. Add about two table spoons of olive oil and another of water and garlic powder. mix in up to about a quarter breast and refrigerate for a few hours. Works very well on Blue Cats. Down at Clarno there don't seem to be anything but Blues! I've read frozen raw shrimp work well and tried them but haven't done any good with them. My go to for cats is chicken breast and gonna try beef liver if I can find some.

always a solid choice
I have not fished for catfish in OR but I did a lot of catfishing in PA and NC. We used chicken livers a lot. They are soft and you have to lob them but I never found another bait that selectively caught them as well as chicken livers. Shrimp were a close second but at the end of the night it was almost always chicken livers for the win.

I would usually have a sliding weight to a snap swivel and have two snelled leaders with #1 hooks. I would put both hooks into one piece of chicken livers. That holds pretty well. I caught tons of big channel cats on that setup.

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