Cedar Creek and Sandy

Could somebody tell me how to get to Cedar Creek and Sandy? I did some research but I am not sure I got it right! Thanks guys
From Portland, drive like you're going to Mt Hood. Once you get to the 25 MPH section of the town of Sandy, the road splits into 2 one-way sections running east and west. Right when they are about to converge into the main highway again there is a road called Ten Eyck turn left on this road. Follow for a couple miles and turn left onto the hatchery road, and follow this to the hatchery. Park and walk to the river.
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Yup you can also go to google maps and type in sandy river fish hatchery. Just as an FYI Cedar Creek itself is closed so stick to the Sandy for fishing.
Jeremy k
Anybody doing any good on the Sandy Ive been up a few trips with nothing. I'm thinking it's going to be a late run
Haven't done a bit of good. Even as far as the Oxbow/dabney float.
Thanks guys for the information. I have been fishing the Clack and it's like all the fish died out!
Thanks n8r1, I am going to check it out tomorrow, so I know how to get to it when fishing gets hot!!
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