Carp fising

was at blue lake and saw bout 5o CARPS splashing every where no lie. They were huge.:)
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Drew9870 said:

It was about 25 inches and atleast 7 pounds, I was fishing behind the Willamette Queen on the dock at the riverfront using corn. I only had a 4 pound leader and a split shot, it barely even nibbled, I kept getting little teeny nibbles all day and I figured they were carp. Earlier today when I got there, a guy who could mainly speak Russian and barely any English, had pulled up and started fishing on the dock, pretty soon after using some corn he had hooked into a 18 inch carp and I netted it for him, he kept it, along with the large Pikeminnow he caught. I didn't bring any corn so I had to ask him for some by pointing at it. Finally after he left I was getting ready to pack up and I was getting nibbles, I set the hook and I felt like I was reeling in a salmon, I got it up to the dock in about a minute and was reaching down to net it and thats when the fight was on.
Wow! Russians are Reallly good at catching carp, They are russian!. Lucky you have me! hahahahaha Carp are pretty much from europe/asia are.
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