Camping suggestions. please!!!

I am looking for a place to camp. At the most 2 hours away from Portland. Semi secluded. We want to stay away from campgrounds with numbered spots. Showers. And busy roads. But, we do want something with a fish abundant lake or river running through it. Suggestions please?
your on the wrong side of the state for that. good luck and happy camping.
Not true...... You can do it up at Detroit...... You have to get up there EARLY on a weekend..... but if you go up most of the roads that follow the creeks up there........there's a ton of unimproved campsites that you don't have to pay for. The one I stayed at a couple of weeks ago had a trail that led right down to the Breitenbush...... and Detroit Lake was only 4 miles away.
how about trillium? too busy? green peter? lost lake? timothy? any mt. hood places, good?
I would doubt that you'd find much peace n' quiet at GP.

How about Olallie?
There's some hike-in/boat-in camping at Timothy but all the other spots are in a regular campground and get pretty crowded. The thing with first come first serve camping is they tend to fill up VERY quickly on weekends.
troutdude said:
I would doubt that you'd find much peace n' quiet at GP.

How about Olallie?

actually, if you drive up quartzville drive and go up either side of quartzville creek, theres tons of places to camp, and not a lot of people. Its only busy if your down around the reservoir. also I would have to agree with breitenbush river above detroit. or go past detroit to rainbow lake. good luck, Brian
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