Brook trout in Oregon

Where are some of the best places that have very healthy populations of Brook trout in the state of Oregon?

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The Lostine River in central oregon is a good one. they also throw Bruder brooks into the St.Louis ponds up by Salem too.
If you are a fly fisherman, Gold Lake has a good population. No size or bag limit last I know. Most of them are small but plenty to be had.

In case you don't know. Gold Lake is off of Hwy 58 near the top of the pass. It is fly fishing only.
I second Gold lake.

Also try blair lake.
Brook trout in Oregon

Crane, Wickiup have very nice populations of Brook trout. The tastiest fish in the high country. My largest Brookie has come out of Wickiup...

Elk Lake (central Oregon) also has nice brookies. We found a "brookie hole" so to speak while trolling. You can catch them by trolling spinner/worm, lures, or even flies near the boat launch.
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Salish Ponds has SOME brookies, i have caught 2 there. on powere eggs.
Let me add Linton Lake to the list, nice brookies, beautiful lake, nice hike in.
If you are willing to hike for five miles I know a great little lake where you can catch them on almost every cast. Shoot me a PM and I'll let you know.
I caught a few last Sunday up above Spruce Run at Lost Lake. Just stocked, nothing big but lots of fish.
Parrish Lake

Parrish Lake

This little lake has a huge population of Brook Trout! Lots of fish and so many that they never get real big. Easy access to this lake from the Trailhead.:):)
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