Book review "In The Ring Of The Rise"

I will always recomend The Curtis Creek Manifesto to the person who is just starting out fly fishing. It is basic and it is fun. It could be the only book a person needs to read to fly fish. To improve there is Dave Hughes "Fly Fishing Basics" another good book that moves the person along the fly fishing path. But for graduate school there is "In the Ring of the Rise". A book recommended by Halibuthitman. I have to admit that I'm a big believer in learning by experience on the river, learning from my mistakes and victories. What I am learning from this book is that you can teach an old dog new tricks! It is not light reading, I put up the Jameson and got out the coffee. It is scientific blended with common sense. You could spend a lifetime of fly fishing without reading the book and be completley happy. However I think it is going to help me hook more fish and that is going to increase my enjoyment a lot. I'm looking forward to putting the information in this book to work. I picked up a use copy for about $11.00 from for the tip HHM;)
Very interesting.:think: I may just pick up a copy myself.
Im glad you enjoyed it....
OnTheFly said:
Very interesting.:think: I may just pick up a copy myself.[/

I think this is a book you would get a lot out of. Anybody that can understand how electricity works would appreciate the scientific approach in this book. Can't wait to sit around a camp fire with you on the Deschutes and shoot the bull about this book!
I've read a good bit about Vincent Marinaro, but haven't read him - his "thorax" flies make sense to me, will have to pick up a copy. Thanks for the recommendation.
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