Bitebuzzer Bite Alarm

So I ordered this bite alarm that clips onto your fishing rod (position is not critical), and you run your line through a couple of metal plates in the device, when you get a bite, the device beeps. It can be adjusted for sensitivity and I believe volume, I intended to use it on Carp but I honestly don't think it will go that sensitive, it will probably be best for when I am not paying attention to my rod or while night fishing.

It is still being shipped and I am expecting it sometime this week, it cost nothing for USPS First Class Shipping, and the device was $10.95.

Look up Bitebuzzer on yahoo
Troutier Bassier
I have 2 of those, I use them for carp and they work fine. If there is too much pressure on the metal needle it wont make any noise. So if your drag is a little tight and your not paying attention, and you get a carp on and it dosent take any drag, The alarm wont make a noise. You can adjust it on sensitivity but not volume. I would give it a 7 of 10 because it acts up sometimes, But its a good bite alarm if your not paying attention.
Combat Chuck
I have one that I mostly use when fishing with my wife... she likes catching... not fishing. I think its a good product.

I didn't really think anyone else knew about them, let alone own one.

How long did they take to ship, I am really looking forward to checking it out.
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