Bite is on at NFR

I was at NFR yesterday and the bite was on from the bank. Early mornings are best with worms floated under a bobber. later in the day everyone was limiting out on any kind of green Powerbait--eggs, dough. Fish about 3 feet off the bottom.

I'm a hardware guy, I limited out in an hour with my trusty Kastmaster--silver with blue stripe. The only downside is that bank access is limited and it can get shoulder to shoulder at the area on the road to the dam.
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If you have a boat...go to where a creek flows into the lake (on the north side). You'll go under the highway into some backwater. Go up to where the creek comes into that backwater. Drop anchor on the east side of the flow. Cast into the flow using Rooster Tails. In the tail-out of that flow are LOTS of 'bows! And you won't be fishing shoulder to shoulder either.
I was out there yesterday too, but on a boat. We usually will head under the highway and have great luck, but not this time. We ended up following the far bank from the highway and brought 30 or so fish in. Bobbers and worms. Tried Power Eggs and some Power Bait but nothing was as effective yesterday.
rippin fish lips
me and the family went up to the lake last week just for a fun day out on the boat, drove by below the damn and saw i a lot of ppl fishing below in and in the pond. what species of fish are in there? i know there is bass, bluegill, crape, trout, and carp. is that all of them?
Is this the lake in the Corvallis Watershed district???? When I googled "North Fork Reservoir" it came up on Rock Creek Road???
No it's near Estacada.
Beaverfan is right. NFR is part of the Clackamas drainage basin, and is 7 miles south of Estacada. (Willamette Zone)

P.S. The reservoir that you mentioned, is closed to all fishing.
Thanks! I appreciate the quick replies.

This forum is awesome.
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