Bass fishing in Willamette valley

Havent been on in a while so good to be back. So ive caught dozens of bass around here at horton or around the lower long tom or coyote creek with most success on mini crawdads crank baits and bass style spinner shad lures and some on rubber swimbaits and soft plastic worms and lizzards.. but my personal best is about 1lb... im tryn to get more into bass fishing and would like to step my game up.. what spots and lures and techniques have yall actually applied in this area with success? Ive tryed a lot of peoples suggestions for the "only thing you need" from videos but there mostly videos from texas and Tennessee? Not anywhere around here.. thanks guys tight lines.
Generally, colder water slower fish. A slower presentation especially for plastics should trigger more bites.
But bass still will attack anything that comes into their territory whether it's to eat it or drive it away.
Cover the areas you're fishing in a little tighter pattern. Again colder water, the less distance a bass will go for a meal. Return on energy spent is an instinctual reaction.
As far as a pb goes the noti log pond might not beat it, but there's lots of fish out there. Sounds like you're on the west side of Eugene

I've caught 2s and 4s out of Coyote Creek but Kirk is an easier bite spot for sure.
Ive fished the mill pond on vaughn road but never hooked one but the people i was with did, and yes i live in noti haha ill have to try coyote more then, caught dozens of mini bass there, i carp there regularly. Any more subjestions? Thanks for the info
The post spawn smallmouth bite is peaking right now on the Columbia with water temps in the low 60s. Perfect time for big fish there. The bite is aggressive, so crankbaits, senkos fished in a twitch and swim fashion, and top water are all working. A pal and I fished it last week. On the evening bite they were swirling on the baits as they splashed down. You would be hard pressed to catch anything under 1.5 pounds there right now. The big ones were on a feeding frenzy. Most of what we landed ran from 2-4 pounds. I'm not going to cite total numbers because no one would believe how many fish we caught in that size range. It was ludicrous.
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Awesome report @Aervax! That is a pig in the picture!!
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