Barview jetty

Hey guys!

I had some questions about Barview. My brother wants to go catch rockfish and maybe a Ling cod. But we do not have a boat.

So I was curious if the fishing off of it is any good and if so what technique should be used.

Or even a suggestion on where to fish in that general area.

Pretty much anything to help us get on some fish would be great.



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One of my fav. place's! take the first turn past the tracks to the left,small parking lot just a 100 ft. easiest place to get down but not much parking. Main parking lot is straight ahead but futher to the jetty. I like fishing close to the corner there but it's all good. You can catch crab there with crab catchers. Use white grubs spinners and such. Lots of people like to use laterns at night to draw the fish in. Fish the incoming and be careful of the surf. There are big rocks there and you can find yourself in deep water pretty quick if you don't pay attention.

I use this crab catcher there with good results.


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This picture was taken there about 25 years ago. I had learned how to make those crab catchers from an old couple a few years before.

Thank for the information!

Is this the right time of year to be targeting Rockfish and Cod?

I don't think we will be trying for crabs. Just after some new fishing out here. Since we are from Miami we figured this is more of the fishing we are accustomed to.