Bank fishing???

hi there! i am goin to be campin at Wallowa Lake State Park next weekend for a family reunion and was wondering if there are any good spots to fish from the bank? if so, what has seemed to work as for gear? i appreciate any advice that anyone can give me regarding this lake. are there any spots nearby the lake that fishes well for bass (my usual target)? thanks!
This is probably my favorite spot in the State, and arguably the most scenic lake in Oregon. I don't know if the lake has a bass population, but I know it is full of Kokannee and trout that respond well to spinners and spoons. As far as bank fishing goes, I have never scouted around he campground area, but I know there are good bank spots at the park near the dam at the North end, and all along the roadway leading toward the campground itself. I hope you have a great time.
Is anyone know if there is sutible bank access for fishing for a wheelchair? I'm heading up there on Sunday and I was wondering if there was any good places I can reach without a boat.
i think nice place maybach us.
We had great trout action last summer at dusk around where the river comes into the lake. Throw out some spinners/kastmasters, and if that doesn't work, float some powerbait a foot off the bottom. You'll find em!
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