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I know fisherman hold their holes close to their hearts (and away from their lips). I understand that. But i need help.
Quarantine life has finally given me the time to spend diving into one of my passions, fishing. For the first time in my life, I'm moving beyond bank fishing for trout. I'm after steelhead. (I'm also picking up surf fishing!) The downside though, is that I'm still stuck on the bank. Primarily, and ideally, I'm on the bank of the Mckenzie. I have alot of history and many irreplaceable memories there, and i live in Springfield. Plus- I've heard legends of a particular hole there, where one can catch the illusive beast. Sadly, I am unfamiliar with the details.

So I ask you all: please.. find it in your hearts to share your knowledge of any locations wherein i can finally land my white whale without the need of private property or a boat.
(For personal and dietary reasons, i am not interested in main stem Willamette)
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There are summer steelhead in the Sandy, Clackamas, S. Santiam right now. It is a little early, but there are some around as I know of some being caught, some but not many.


I'm out there fishing, trust me.... I just only bring in rainbows. I'll keep throwing lines though.


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The charm of steelhead fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

A very important lesson starts around 3:00

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Yeah, i get it. I don't have any unreasonable expectations. I'm still out there throwing lines. I just asked for a couple location pointers since i don't have a boat.

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Fattie ............Thanks for your bio. I am in the central coast area. I will be of no help to you. As in the video, go make your own fishing paradise. The Illinois River has thousands of bank spots to explore. As my good friend Pinstriper says GO FISHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tONY


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Fattie, if it's the Mac you intend to fish, I would recommend just taking a ride up Hwy 126 and just check out the roadside pullouts between Hendricks Park and Leaburg Dam. There are not a lot of spots which are easily accessible but there are a few. Biggest tipoff is when you see cars parked alongside the highway. Some of the boat ramps have good wading opportunities, too.


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I feel your pain brother. I was exactly where you are 4 years ago , when the ol Timer workin at Fishermans gave me the single most important tidbit that completely changed everything for me .
Pontoon boat. Specifically a 9’ inflatable pontoon boat. Not as sturdy or roomy as a drift boat, but Perfect for bouncing hole to hole, FINALLY fishing that one hole you always see people in boats killing it but it’s public property... now you can! (Below higjh water mark)
In fact, I got tired of paying 20 bucks for a shuttle every time so I got another one.
So now I have two setups, complete with oars,life jackets , rod holders. etc.
I’ve taken guys from a couple of the Facebook groups and no problems so far.
Let me know if you ever want to go.