Are jetty and surf fishing a thing in the winter?


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Are rock bass, kelp greenling, surf perch etc biting during the winter? I’ve been wanting to go surf fishing and hit the jetty for rock bass I love how they taste. Since I’m talking about eating them are they open to retention in the winter?


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Winter surf fishing...........

The sneaker wave is a real danger.
Other than that, use one of the wave height predection sites. I go to Magic Seaweed for wave height info. Under 5-6 ft swells and moderate wind is my “line in the sand”. Always keep an eye on the surf, even on calmer days. I was knocked off my feet twice at the Bandon south jetty while standing on the wet sand, I wasn’t even in the surf. Always use a waist belt over your waders when wearing chest waders.

Careful on the jettys, those wet rocks can be really slippery, and it’s a nightmare situation getting hit by a big wave on one. I won’t fish the jetty’s just not nimble enough anymore.

Pick your day/place on the ocean wisely, and go prepared.

Good luck, be safe.



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Aye Fred they are active and just as tasty in winter as any other time of the year, but Brandon and C Run's advice can not be over stated. Safety must be a priority, cause that ocean can kill you quicker than you can say "$#&! " with your mouth open.


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Thanks for the advice I’ll be sure to put my wader belt on, and to keep my eyes on the waves at all times 👍.
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