Any surf- fishing near Seaside?

Complete newbie here so please excuse the ignorance. I was wondering if there are any good spots around Seaside for surf-fishing? I have never done it but sounds fun and would appreciate any help on the subject. What could be caught?

Indian Beach at Ecola State Park if it is still open to surf fishing. Don't worry we depend on newbies to keep our favorite fishing spots fresh in our mind. If you are not experienced with the ocean ya might want to go with someone who is familiar even if it is just for surf fishing.
threres surf perch and different kinds or rockfish, maybe a few lings n stuff. welcome to the forum
I've watched folks with 10-12 foot poles, run into low water, heave a mighty cast of clam necks, then retreat
before the waves come in. Sinkers shaped to hold in the sand.
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Turn west on "U" street go just past the golf course and turn left again. Keep on that road until you get to parking area along what is known as "the cove"
There are quit often surfers and surf fishermen (and ladies) fishing off the sand and rocks as the tide comes in.
I am going to try it my self with a fly.
Bob in his surffishing Kilt
thanks for the info guys, your help is appreciated.
a good 7' med action pole will work just fine.use a fish finder set-up with a couple 2/0 hooks and 4oz pyramid sinker.I use 20lb line so it does'nt snap when you throw that heavy weight. you dont need it out there that far.sand shrimp work great put half on each hook.And dont forget your waders. FISH-ON!

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