Albany / Timber Linn Lake report

Timber Linn Lake was stocked on Wednesday (I believe) and again on Thursday (for sure according to "peep reports"...peeps that were there and fishing when the ODFW trucked dumped some stockers).

Went to Timber Linn yesterday about 5 and stayed till about 7 (pm). I fished the "south bank" (closest to the Expo Center). Tried floating multiple colors of Power Eggs with no luck. With rod #2, tried various Rooster Tails, a Kastmaster, and a Blue Fox spinner (blue body and chrome blade). GOT SKUNKED...P. U.!!!

During that time, there were several caught on the opposite side (north, both under and near the 3 large trees). But, the best spot was next to the footbridge. That guy caught some in the 14 - 16" range.

My advice...don't waste your time on the south side. At least not if the sun is out, or for a day or two until the fish spread out.
I went there once. That place is a mud puddle.
Yeah. But, I can easily hit it after work. So it's not bad once in a while. At least it gets me outdoors. ;-)
Its a good place to practice fly trees....:D
I just went out to Timber Linn to eat lunch. Not much happening at all today. The fish must be in shock or something.
Combat Chuck
Its never really consistent out there. Im either skunked or on fire.
Yep, I've come to that very conclusion.

Last year, the fish would ONLY hit a worm 5 feet under a bobber. Not 3, not 4. Only 5 feet deep.
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