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Hi, brand new to fishing and trying to teach myself as I go- if anyone is willing to give a couple places to go now where I may be able to catch my first steelhead it would be much appreciated! I know generally people don't share their spots, I get it , but if you know a couple of banks I could work off, and any tips if you have them, it would be awesome- thanks- preferably somewhere safe for a girl to fish alone!
i am in the Salem area


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Welcome to the forum! Head south on I-5 to the rest area, drive through to the parking lot under the bridge. You can fish there or hike to the right for another hole. Drive farther south to Jefferson where you will find spots at the boat ramp behind the barber shop. There are other spots, but someone else can fill you in on those.
Good luck, let us know how you do.


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Welcome to OFF.

If you are brand new to fishing; I'd suggest starting out with trout fishing. Steelhead are among, the most difficult freshwater fish to catch. But if you have some fishing experience; then it's just a matter of having the right gear, some patience, and getting out on the water.

The closet river, for you, for winter steel is the Clackamas. Otherwise--as mentioned above--it's a coastal stream fishery (except, I believe, for the Sandy inland). There is a WEALTH of information, in the archived threads on here. Just use the "Advanced Search" field, at the top of the page for the river / specie that you're after. That should help a bunch.

Good luck!

Oh...and if you can afford to head out, with a guide, DO IT! Fellow OFFer "On The Drop" has already been taggin' n' baggin', lots of hefty fresh steel. Hit him up, if you can go.


Plunk at san salvador park. Brooks exit off the freeway. Open area families, older crowd, safe. Watch the Willamette falls fish count and time your trip. Spin n glows , coon shrimp etc. Bring a friend so your odds increase. It can be productive or very very boring.
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