4:20 A.B. Update

I hit the AB Canal today, and wanted to give an update.

First, if someone wants to show me how to fish a wooly bugger one of these days, I would be grateful; I have had absolutely no luck with them in the RT Pond, or anywhere else for that matter. Today was no different: I threw streamers all around that pond from 3:30 - 5:00, and didn't even get a nibble.

At 5:00 I went East of the freeway, and fished a nymph, and had one of the best 45 minutes of fishing of my life. Between the rain, and the low sun, I hooked up with roughly ten fish, and I likely lost another 4.

There are tons of fish in that little canal, and they were all over my stonefly nymph today.

Have fun,




Yes, I did eye-hook that first fish, and yes, my wife is presenting her wooly bugger as if she'd caught it.
Nice job. I thought most of the fish would be out of that area by now. I might have to go poke around there tomorrow. I'm guessing you were over there by Autzen then?
nice work man, made the best of the windy rain
Way to go.
no, not by Autzen, over by the footbridge off od D street East of the freeway.
Oh ok, thanks. I don't think I've been over in that area yet, I might have to go do some exploring today. When they stocked in the park there was a fisherman asking the stockers if they stocked anywhere else and I didn't hear what they said, but I heard the fisherman say "oh, by D street". So maybe where you were was it, not sure. Thanks for the info, I might go check it out today.
They throw fish in at the tip top of the canal by the D Street boat launch. I think lots of those fishies head to the pond, but quite a few of them kick it East of the freeway: my favorite place in the park.
Nice job, looks like you had fun. I love how your wife is holding the wooly bugger, that's how I usually feel. "No fish but look at my lure"
What color of wooly bugger were you using? I have found that the black wooly buggers with a red tail work the best.
I have used every color in the book with little effect: i.e. not even a tug. I am sure that if I stuck it out that I would get a feel for it, but so far nothing.

I think that afternoon, my wife had a purple #6 tied on, and I had a olive body brown tail. Like I said in the OP, if someone ever wants to teach a mini-course on Wooly Bugger technique, I would be stoked.
I've never used them on a flyrod before only with a sliding float(the kind you fill with water about 3/4 full) cast and retrieve very slow.
I think (although I am the furthest thing from an expert on the subject) that its the same deal with the fly rod. Floating line, you cast out, and employ a random 3-5" retrieve, until it is close, and then do it again.

I have read tons of articles on the technique, but haven't ever had any luck putting it to use. someday I will break the drought, and then it will be my favorite technique. That is what happened to me once I started catching fish on nymphs.
I used to fly fish about 15 years ago and I don't think I had much luck with wooly buggers on my fly rod. I think it's time to get another reel and give it a try.
poor fish has been eye hooked :(
grampa ron
start out fishing where there are fish
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