214 fish in four hours!

Fishing in an undisclosed location about 3 hours from Lakeview, I caught 214 fish in under four hours. Using jigs of various sizes, I caught fish after fish. Sadly, all of the fish were invasive and the native trout were nowhere to be found, but it was still a great day. A week before, I'd caught 158 fish in the same timeframe there.

Total breakdown?

181 Black Crappie
32 Pumpkinseed
1 Tui Chub
Indeed it was, Raincatcher! Even though my fingers were torn up from all the scales and sandpaper teeth on the pumpkinseed, it was one of my best days ever!


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That's probably about my total for the last ten years if you added them all up. Hey, are you going to the south coast this summer?


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Those warm water fish come in bunches! Last summer I must have caught atleast 40 bluegill in about an hour and I would of caught more but I ran out of worms haha


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Great job! How do you even keep track lol

Your thread is inspiring me to see how much of them i could catch in the same timeframe
Well, I released them all because cleaning 200+ is something you only have to do once to never do again. I took about 5 friends out to Lake of the Woods in high school, and we all got about 30-40 yellow perch. I cleaned them all. It was awful.

I started keeping track of every fish I caught when I was 14, and I've been doing it almost ten years now. This last year I was on a quest to catch 1500 fish in a year, which I'll post a thread about later :)

...and yes, CRun, I do plan to head over to the Brookings area at least three times this summer!


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Awesome! I love reading about that fast action. I have not found any spots up here around Portland with great panfishing. In NC the crappie fishing is fantastic in the spring. We used to have ten minute tournaments and it usually took 20-30 fish to win. I miss that kind of fast action.

Thanks for the post!
For sure! If you do find one, let me know. My little brother attend Portland State and he doesn't have a car, so he'd love to find a good metro fishing spot for light tackle fishing.


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On average, how large were the crappie?

I went out today for 3 hours and 20 minutes and caught 126 sunfish and bass...if it wasn't for the damn weather, it was raining half the time
Not very big. Most were 6-8" and few topped 1/3 lb. Nice! This was my best day. My other top freshwater days were:

158 (146 Black Crappie, 9 Pumpkinseed, 2 Largemouth Bass, 1 Tui Chub)
125 (111 Bluegill, 11 Brook Trout, 2 Largemouth Bass, 1 Rainbow Trout)
105 (104 Bluegill, 1 Largemouth Bass)
101 (84 Bluegill, 6 Black Crappie, 4 Largemouth Bass, 3 Yellow Perch, 2 Brook Trout, 1 Rainbow Trout, 1 Westslope Cutthroat Trout)
101 (95 Black Crappie, 5 Pumpkinseed, 1 Tui Chub)

My best saltwater day was:
37 (14 Northern Anchovy [using a crappie jig], 8 Black Rockfish, 4 Kelp Greenling, 3 Blue Rockfish, 2 Brown Rockfish, 1 Yellowtail Rockfish, 1 Pacific Herring, 1 California Halibut, 1 Redtail Surfperch, 1 Sculpin, 1 Dungeness Crab [angling])
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