1st '10 Springer


Color me green with envy. 3 trips out this year so far and not even a bump. Might have better success with these dang springers if my boat was set up for trolling....as it is i typically plunk from a bank or sit on anchor. I think i will be doing more anchor fishing this year as the plunking deal was a bust last year.

nice job on a great fish!
if you fish the mult chanel at the gilbert boat ramp you can troll with a back-bounce or plunking rig, its flat and sand/mud bottom and fairly level with small chanels here and there... drop your k-14-15 to the bottom, reel up about 3 turns and walk your boat side to side across the river, you will pass over alot of impressions and holding water, if you see a big fishy down below ya power forward untill the gear is at it and finess the set-up back and forth then move on..... WAAAAAY more fun and productive than sitting tied to a piling waiting for something to happen and no extra gear needed.
Hey FishFinger, it occured to me that the picture of you with that fish may be a demonstration for MLT to show him the proper way of holding a fish. (upright):lol:
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I went and tried my luck from the bank with no luck, Dont have a boat so i am kinda stuck.. anyone have an idea of good bank angling spots for springers?

Nice hog good work!

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