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  • Yeah. Borden Specials ought to KILL those cutts!

    I bought some from Mitch, at Two River's Fly shop in Albany...$2 each! IDK who else may have them. Of course, if you have the can whip up some of your own.
    hey jay, ive been looking around to purchase some borden special flies and the only place i can find them online is the caddis fly shop. and im not paying 2 somthing bucks plus shipping for 2 flies. do you have any suggestions? im really thinking about tryign threm in the creek and the reservoir this year. thanks

    sorry your sick bro, hope you egt well soon. im getting over ma nasty cold myself. well more flu like... and i might not be able to make it out to olalla dad got called back into work :/ my luck has just been shitty this past year..
    hey bro, i saw you are going to check out those fly rods that guy posted on craigslist? do you think you could let me know if he has a 3-4wt rod and if it's worth the money? because it would be a steal, well unless you grab it first :lol:
    thanks for the directions jay. i hope dad will be hom ein time for it.. if not it's gunna suck :/ but hey if i dont make uit take alot mof pics for me :p ill still be just as happy to see your pics and read a report.
    hey jay, looks like it a go for the 19th! either dad is taking me or im paying andrew $10 to pick me up :p cant wait to fish olalla with ya. i got spinners/spoons and some flies/nbait ..pretty much the whole arsenal. you both are welcome to use my gear :)
    You're welcome. I hope that you'll get to watch the game at the theater.

    The owner's are friends of mine, and really groovy peeps.
    awesome ! ive wanted a place that me and a few of the guys can go to watch the big game. i hope they show it! thanks for filling me in on that buddy
    thanks again for checking up on me buddy i really appriciate it. and it's no biggie we are hittin somwhere different next time i think. and we will definately have a better chnace at slaying the steel :D
    Hey just wanted to say thank you for backing me up and the kind words. Was starting to feel a little thrown under the bus lol.
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