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    Lightweight kayak fishfinder

    I am looking at adding a fishfinder to my kayak, but want to keep the weight down as much as possible. I like what I read about the RayMarine Dragonfly4. I am cautious though not knowing what I would need for a battery. I do not want to pack a large 12 volt battery. I have looked into the...
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    Vacation day two

    The back wasn't feeling like a 90 minute drive to the coast this morning so I headed back to Hagg. I launched at Ramp C again and headed straight to Scoggins arm. I was anchored up and flipping the bug wand by 7:00. By 8:00 I had lost count of the Gills that had succumbed to the rubber leg...
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    Hagg tomorrow morning

    I'm taking the kayak out tomorrow morning. If anyone is out there give a yell, I will be the guy paddling the camo Nucanoe. I figure I will put in at C and work my way around Scoggins then Tanner,
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    All about the take!

    While fishing some structure in a cove at Hagg this morning (with zero luck) I had a fish start busting the surface just feet off the bank behind me. I maneuvered over and watched the area. Finally I saw the culprit, a nice smallie cruising this space. I tossed plugs and soft baits to no avail...
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    Public lands cleanup event

    Another group that I am affiliated with will be hosting a cleanup event at the Pit36 site approximately 11 miles past Estacada on the Clackamas river Hwy. The date and time is Saturday March 18 beginning at 9am. Pit36 is used by recreational target shooters, some of whom are not well educated in...
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

    Here's to wishing all of you a very Merry Christmas and a fantastic 2017
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    Uneventful Hagg report

    I made it out to the lake around 10:30 this morning. I decided to leave the boat home and toss spinners from the bank. The water was like glass and there were only 2 boats that I could see. I was kinda regretting the boat decision. The bank anglers were few and far between. Other than the bank...
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    Free boat anchor chain and rope

    I found this a couple of years back. Tried to find the possible owner with no luck. I have no use for it. The anchor and chain come to about 10lbs. Free to whom ever can use it and willing to come and pick it up. I live in Aloha and work in Beaverton.
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    Rivers are dropping

    Im watching the gauge for the Wilson hoping it will be closer to 6' in the morning. If its still high I might venture towards the Kilchis. Anyone else gonna chase fish tomorrow?
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    Fall chinook reg question

    Under the general fall season it states open for Chinook salmon Aug1-Dec31. Is this both wild and hatchery? I questioned a gal from ODFW last year and she said if it does not specify hatchery it would mean both. She didn't sound too convincing though. Siletz River and Bay • Open for hatchery...
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    Siletz 8/27/16

    Its going to be a couple of weeks from now, but I will give you a call and we will beat the water.
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    Siletz 8/27/16

    Sounds like a great day regardless Hans. I want to hit the mouth and toss spinners, but next weekends inevitable crowd is going to have me wait .
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    King salmon jumps into boat

    Tanner can I expect this chinook fishing with you this fall?
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    Wright McGill 3wt 7ft 6in fly rod

    Rod is in excellent shape. Looking for $50.00
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    What's next?

    It may be fall the way things look Tanner, but I will settle for a chinook in the box and a brat on the grill:thumb:. Dana he mentioned the last time we were out that you were getting old and had bad teeth so you couldn't handle the steak.:D
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