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    Winter steelhead 2019/2020

    The one pictured is maybe 10lbs, so compare that to a Steelhead of that size and I’d take the Steelhead for sure. The eat, and jumps, the Tarp wins... I’d like to get one around 50-60lbs....
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    Winter steelhead 2019/2020

    Florida Keys, not Belize. Belize sounds nice...
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    Winter steelhead 2019/2020

    And for the warmer climate remark—-
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    Winter steelhead 2019/2020

    Well, it’s that time of year again... I will be starting a little later this year ( post Xmas ) since the runs seem to be starting a little later on the systems that I fish. We should be right in the action given fishable water conditions. I have plenty of dates from January-Mid April, and two...
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    Nestucca level

    Safe—yes. You’ll have to walk it down some stretches, though. My boat is 6 months old and looks like 6 years ‘cause of this past month. Cheers,
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    Winter steelhead 2019 show OFF

    Totally, just being the Police and what not 😂
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    Winter steelhead 2019 show OFF

    Shoot, hate to be the breaker of bad news, but these are Coho.. Sweet fish, but not Steel. I was waiting for Roger to see this, so here I am the bad guy 😅😅😅
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    Kauai post

    Nice, Devan! I vouch that you can post his info and what not here, I doubt that’s an issue in the slightest. I’m heading to warmer waters in 2 weeks, stoked....
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    Wednesday 11/20

    I have an open day, and am looking for 2-3 anglers to hop in the drifter to drain some Bobbers for Salmon.... Please Call/Text; 971-275-6725 if you’re interested. Thanks, Tanner
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    Outstanding day OFF the north high spot

    Nice! We got some heavies on Tuesday as well, out of PC on my buddies Dory.
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    Nehalem 8/17/19

    Just seeing this! Darn, they just didn’t wanna bite that day... Glad you sneaked that one in the boat ?
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    Last minute opening...

    Yes, it was a good day ?
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    Looking for a guide recommendation

    It’ll likely be a drift boat show at that time. I can’t take 5 people, but I can use a guide and split the boats at 2 and 3. I have some later October dates open. It’s 225 a head for my boat, and for the few guides I work with. Thanks,
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