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    Winter steelhead 2019/2020

    Nice fish Tanner! Making me miss vacation!
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    Wilson River closed to chinook fishing

    And now.... it’s all North coast rivers.... The rains may push in the initial steel runs but no nooky for anyone ....
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    2019 Hobie Outback

    I hear yah. I fish solo a lot. Most of the time in fact. It’s my only release from life behind multiple computer monitors all week. There is no replacing that. And going with buddies out is also a blast. But ...... there is something very special when I get to watch her fight a big fish...
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    2019 Hobie Outback

    I may just take you up on that sir. Thank you. I enjoy fishing with my wife very much and kayaks will only expand those opportunities.
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    Cousins rods

    Looking to acquire a couple Cousins rods for steel heading. Hoping to find a couple in early March and so I am posting this now to plant the seed in anyones mind who is considering getting rid of a couple. Im looking for 6-10 or 6-12 around 9' (Im pliable on the length a little, but don't...
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    2019 Hobie Outback

    Thank you for this insight Roger. I took a peek at NWKA and will spend some time digging around it in the future, but these models/brands you've listed will be a nice first step in my research. I had so much fun kayak fishing in Kauai that it is a no brainer for me in the nearish future...
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    2019 Hobie Outback

    I am highly considering getting an ocean fishing kayak very soon. This thread is very informative. since it is a bit aged, can you offer any updated advice for someone who is considering entering into this sport? 13’ Is that the target length? I also would love to take my dog with me. And yes...
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    River trout

    Im always confused by the Sandy ‘trout’ portion of the regs. I guess I understand that steelhead below a certain length are considered trout in streams, but I’m also 99% sure that all ‘trout’ in the Sandy would just be juvenile steelies or possibly... coho smolts. The clack has cutthroat in it...
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    Salmon still biting

    Ouch. Hard to blame the guy for not knowing.
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    Wilson River closed to chinook fishing

    Im steering clear of the coast until rain comes. No need to tire these fish out if the water temp is already killing them. Thanks for the update Hans. May have saved me a ticket this weekend.
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    Fishing and litter

    Cool to see that so many people are on the same page!
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    Lingcod season

    Really like the variety of photos. Tells the story well.
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    Morning carp

    This looks super fun. ever try them on a fly rod? They are a blast on a little 5 weight or under. something to think about .... @pinstriper . 🤣
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    Nestucca level

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    Nestucca level

    Wondering if there is any problem running the Nestucca at the current river levels? I have a buddy (maybe two) headed up who want to float and my only time on the Nestucca was with our resident guide Tanner (on the drop). And the river was over a foot higher than it is now. I realize that...
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