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    Good carp spots?

    8.5lb monster? :lol: Spring is coming and it's going to be a carp massacre
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    Who's up to go bow fishing in or around the Portland area?

    I think I know the area you're talking about and, yes, there should be plenty of action. Tomorrow I'm heading east to go diving for some carp. I'm bringing my GoPro so hopefully I'll have some good footage to share with everyone.
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    Best carp bait

    Sorry for the late response montym. I've been healing/rehabbing my knee. After my fight I had surgery on a torn meniscus and ACL. I've been back to mostly normal activity for a bit now, so that's good. I think I'd go crazy if I couldn't shoot carp with arrows and spears. Unfortunately, I don't...
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    Stand up bowfishing

    LoL hell yes! I do the same thing on my kayak but a SUP works too. Good work. Kill them all!
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    Who's up to go bow fishing in or around the Portland area?

    I'm happy to see another bowfisherman in here. I would join you but I've been diving (spearfishing) for them lately. Do you have any locations in mind or were you looking for help with that?
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    Best carp bait

    Arrows and spears. Works every time :D
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    Black rockfish and maybe other whole fish?

    Catch bigger fish. :D
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    Carp fishing Oregon

    Speak for yourself Raincatcher. The "stigma" that's associated with them is there for good reason. Carp can thrive in nasty toxic waters and are bottom feeders to boot. Eating resident fish like this is ill advised in my opinion. There's a reason they post those signs at boat ramps warning about...
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    Bethany Pond carp report!

    "carp mat" also known as dirt. :D
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    The longest carp

    Igquick still clearly over exaggerating the weight of his fish.
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    Lot's of carp Rooster Rock State Park Oregon (Columbia River)

    Yes on the far East of the park there is a trail that leads to the "clothing optional" part. Nothing but wierdos over there. I made the mistake of dragging my kayak down there to launch once, never again. And guys, just use arrows or spears on carp. Then you won't have to worry about what bait...
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    Another 31lb monster!

    Thanks. I figured that would be a good measuring stick since someone doubted the size of my fish last year (cough cough, igquick). ;)
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    Another 31lb monster!

    LoL thanks guys. She loves fish. Although she still thinks when daddy goes fishing he's gonna shoot her a big salmon lol. Too funny.
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    Another 31lb monster!

    I'm posting this a couple days late so I apologize for the delay, but what a great day on the water Wednesday was. The outside temp topped out around 80 degrees and the water temperature was anywhere from 67-70. My buddy Jeff and I were scouting a few spots along the Columbia when we finally...
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    On the board!

    This was at Smith and Bybee Lakes. They're about dried up right now so it would be easy pickings to smash some carp. With regards to suckers, I've only shot one in my life and it looked like it was on its last leg anyway. Personally I enjoy slaughtering invasives like carp :). Native fish get a...
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