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    The longest carp

    Igquick still clearly over exaggerating the weight of his fish.
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    Hagg hawg!

    LOL smartass. You know exactly what I mean.
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    Hagg hawg!

    Release a large non-native salmon eater so it can spawn for years? Not a chance with me. I can't wait till ODFW lifts the limit on warm water species and allows me to shoot them. I'll be slaughtering them on the regular like I do carp. Times are changing :)...
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    Hagg hawg!

    This is the actual product I use They carry it at Albertsons, Fred Meyer, etc. But yeah, good stuff
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    Hagg hawg!

    My recipe for most white fish is simple. Egg wash, Ritz crack crumbs with choice of seasoning (if desired), fried in coconut oil and a Sriracha/Mayo mix for dipping. How do you do it BaldTexan?
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    Hagg hawg!

    This guy is funny lol.
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    Another 31lb monster!

    I'm posting this a couple days late so I apologize for the delay, but what a great day on the water Wednesday was. The outside temp topped out around 80 degrees and the water temperature was anywhere from 67-70. My buddy Jeff and I were scouting a few spots along the Columbia when we finally...
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    Ocean massacre

    *** This is a trip report I thought I'd share from spearboard that I posted on 4-9-15. Enjoy! Jeff and I took our chances at Tolovana this past Thursday. Conditions seemed to be better than expected. Magicseaweed was saying it was going to be a 3-4ft surf day but it was quite a bit under...
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    On the board!

    Finally made it on the board this season. I went out a couple weeks back to try my luck but the water level was far too low and visibility was absolutely terrible. But after a week or so of rain things cleared up a little. The video doesn't demonstrate this well lol but believe me, what you see...
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    The carp are coming!

    No lol. But I'm sure igquick does haha
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    The carp are coming!

    Well I went out on Monday to do a little scouting and found about what I expected. There still isn't much activity but I saw a few fish. The blood bath pictures and videos aren't too far off :D
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    Much silence!!

    Silly Raincatcher You aint got nothing on this Merry Christmas everyone lol.
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    Carping on the Columbia

    Jeff and I decided to go carping this past Friday on the Columbia. We got to the location at about 9am. The wind was calm, the water was 65 degrees and glass. Just as we were putting our kayaks in we saw carp tailing and feeding in the shallows. Visibility was in the 10-12ft range and knew it...
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    Poachers suck.

    I'm with DrTheopolis. Gill nets need to go away. It's silly to me they allow that bullsh*t but don't allow us spear fisherman (who have ZERO bycatch) an opportunity to shoot one.
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    Eating carp

    That's the Columbia. John doesn't fish the slough typically. I did research a couple years ago on Johnson Lake Property and made a post about it here on the OFF. That water has so many PCBs and heavy metals that even the carp were developing open sores. I know because I shot one there and read...