Another 31lb monster!

I'm posting this a couple days late so I apologize for the delay, but what a great day on the water Wednesday was. The outside temp topped out around 80 degrees and the water temperature was anywhere from 67-70. My buddy Jeff and I were scouting a few spots along the Columbia when we finally settled on a location that seemed to have promising visibility. We immediately saw lots of sun fish, crappie, large and smallmouth bass. In fact we saw quite a few 5-6lb largemouth bass in this spot, I was impressed. About 30 minutes into our dive I ran across a monster carp. I was nearing the end of a dive and was contemplating which direction to head when I spotted her. This carp was slowly cruising near the top of some vegetation and seemed somewhat curious about me. I gently drew my speargun and began tracking her, waiting for the perfect shot. As soon as she turned and gave me the angle I wanted I let it rip. The fish bolted peeling line off my reel (which has never happened to me before). I still wasn't sure if the spear had penetrated all the way through. I took my time retrieving her, even letting her run a couple more times. I didn't want to take any chances of letting this fish get away from me. Once I saw that my spear made it all the way through the fish I got to her as quickly as possible. The spear had entered the center left side and exited through the right gill plate. Last year I shot a fish virtually the same size and my spear only managed to go half way through. This time I was using a different gun that had a bit more snap in its bands. Being able to go all the way through a fish of this size and gill plate made of solid bone made me happy. This carp still had plenty of fight in it even when it was in my arms. I had to call Jeff over to help me wrangle the thing onto my stringer. I now understand why John "Montana" and the rest of his Carp on the Fly crew could never land a monster of this size :D.

The sad part of this tale is that I forgot to hit record on my GoPro when I got into the water. Once the fish was secured in my arms I pressed record but there's nothing too exciting about the video. Maybe I'll post a clip of it later. For now, here are a few pictures taken by Jeff and Crystal Garcia.

Fish Stats: 31lbs and 35.5 inches long
My 3yr old daughter: 33lbs and 36 inches tall

igquick, this is what 31 pounds of carp looks like :bleh:
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Wow! That's not a carp, its a PIG!!!

:yikes: :yikes: :yikes:

P.S. Your little one, is quite the "ham" herself. :D


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the pics with your daughter are priceless. pics like that always put a smile on my face.
the fish is ok, too.
LoL thanks guys. She loves fish. Although she still thinks when daddy goes fishing he's gonna shoot her a big salmon lol. Too funny.


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Yeah bottom left picture is priceless. My daughter is soon to be a teanager :yikes: watch out!

Awesome fish! Haven't seen igquick in a while, he will be jealous. :thumb: Cool story as well.