On the board!

Finally made it on the board this season. I went out a couple weeks back to try my luck but the water level was far too low and visibility was absolutely terrible. But after a week or so of rain things cleared up a little. The video doesn't demonstrate this well lol but believe me, what you see was miles better than a couple weeks ago. Right now the ponds seem to be waking up. I saw lots of cruisers, a few sunners, and lots of action at the surface. The main rivers are still pretty bleak with not a lot going on yet.

The bigger carp (that I shot in the face) I forgot to capture on film. I ended up right on top of him before I was ready to start filming. Anyway, this video has one swear word. So if you're a pretentious self important twit who gets offended easily please do not watch my videos. For the rest of the normal people, enjoy! :D

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Nice mike. I went out again Today in search of my first carp. I didn't catch or even see any (albany, waverly lake and swan lake area) found a buncha suckers though. yuck, anyhow I caught 3 of em.


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Where was this? If you don't mind me asking And that's a nice fish.
This was at Smith and Bybee Lakes. They're about dried up right now so it would be easy pickings to smash some carp. With regards to suckers, I've only shot one in my life and it looked like it was on its last leg anyway. Personally I enjoy slaughtering invasives like carp :). Native fish get a pass though, unless they look and taste salmon :D