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  • hey,rose told me about the whole tent deal. just wanted to say thanks. looking forward to meeting you and everyone else aswell.
    Hi GD,did yur tennis elbow ever clear up?Read yur old post about it(rivers muddy here)can't go fishing.I work at a the mill Browning works at.We R old spreadermen/lay-up line now.My co-workers n myself all battle this.Alota people wearing elbow stuff.Anyway,I use this stuff called BIOFREEZE on my right elbow.Gets me thru the day/week-really helps.Hope this helps or yur all dun with it.
    Hey just wanted to let you know I went to Lost Lake today. Lots of nice trout left over from last year and of course some surplus steelhead. Landed 3 that were 13-15 inches or so and lost one that was probably 2 or 3lbs. It was a great day out there!
    Hey Gene, what's the secret to getting your profile picture back? I've reduced the size of my picture of choice but the file was not accepted.
    I may try to get down there again this week but I'm heading to AZ for Christmas break with my daughter and and her family. My wife and I leave Sat the 18th and get back on New Years eve so I have one more trip I can make this year.
    Hey there, I saw you with my buddy shimano22 the other day at the Nehalem. Just stoppin by to say hello, hope to see you down at the river.
    It was good to visit with both of you. I think there were more OFF members there today as well. I tried my fly rod a little after you guys left but it was too windy.
    hey me and my buddie were the ones you talked to in the parkinglot today tat the nehalem good day out there!
    Hey Gene, Jimmy now has the ten foot version of this boat. The air motor inflates it in minutes and it rolls up and can be stuffed in a car trunk. It can take two people and has a motor transom. The oars and holders looked sturdy and the material is heavy duty. The floor inflates as well and you can stand up in it. Jimmy's got a wheel carraige for the front end so he can walk it down to a boat ramp. He bought it on line and the entire thing was delivered in a box to his house. Just another thought for ya.
    YouTube - ‪Inflation of KaBoat SK396 www.BoatsToGo.com‬‎
    So I read your post and saw your pics from the cemetery pond in Hillsboro, I was actually looking at it last night on Google maps. I'd heard from somebody a long time ago that you could fish there, I was thinking about checking it out for like Bluegill or Crappie. You ever fish it?
    I got all of them on spinners and kastmasters. brass was hot. They are all over the river, I caught them as low as m.m. 8 all the way up to 28. Fish the seams! I think your son in law will have an awesome time!
    Just wanted to let you know I've been fishing the Wilson a bit lately and the Cutthroat fishing is just about insane! Should be fun on a fly rod. I've caught 3 or 4 over 15 inches and lost one that was at least 20! I've never seen so many trout in there before. I literally caught 4 fish on 4 consecutive casts in one tiny tiny slot, the smallest one was 10 inches.
    Must have just missed you in Bend. I was there the 21st to the 24th. Even drove by Orvis. Glad to hear you picked up some slow sink line. Thought I ran by a post of yours earlier about you wanting to go back to Clear Lake. I wouldn't mind tagging along if you decide to go.
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