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    Has anyone here ever crabbed from the shore of the beach with actual crab traps?

    this is what I use, OFF the rocks at Barview store and Netarts. I also use it while soaking crab pots. Don't know why it wouldn't work in the surf.
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    John Day smallmouth

    1Fishon; In late June the smallies will ask , " what do ya got? " They will bite almost anything that hits the water. There will be quantity over quality. At night throw a worm out in a deep hole and you can catch some moster Cats! Tried to put a picture up for you but as usuall it...
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    Crabbing Netarts!

    Big Ben Hasn't been around this summer, family stuff. Anyway he texted me monday and said lets go crabbing. Thursday we drove over the hill ahd got there about 9, low tide. The parking lot was full which surprised us. We worked the water north of the launch ( with everyone else ) More fun...
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    Is your motor safe?

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    Is your motor safe?

    As you know I recently purchased a new motor for my boat. I put a new lock on it, the problem was the combo didn't take, so I couldn't unlock the lock. Dumb! So I just happen to find the lockpickinglawyer on youtube. Well after watching a video I got that lock OFF in less than 1 min. so...
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    Don't know if this is real Sent to me by a Wolfhound, scary do-do!
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    Need to ask some OB motor questions!

    I thought I would throw up some pics of the new motor and anchor system. I went to Fishermans this morning and got a Lang foot release man works sweet.
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    Bass 2018 show OFF

    Hit the pond today with the Fishwhisperer44 got a few fatties
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    Need to ask some OB motor questions!

    I want to get an outboard for my DB. What shaft length do I need? I don't need a big one, I'm thinking a 5hp merc. I don't want to sound to stupid when I go looking.
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    Attaching pics

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    Fish finder problems!

    A month or so ago when Ben and I were crabbing my Lowrance FF started shutting down. We'd turn it on and after a bit it would shut down. Last Sunday when Bryan and his boys went out with me we had the same problem. Bryan thought it was a power problem I wasn't convinced. So I ordered a new power...
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    Total # of snare loops for crab snare?

    Found some old pictures from 20 years ago at Barview jetty, and it has some bad pictures of us using the Wod of line for crabbing.
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    Restoring fiberglass oars.

    I have a set of Sawyers for a 100 if your interested?
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    1st nook on a fly

    Jason looks very calm here...but he wasn't:peace: