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    Father's Day Present

    For Father's Day, I took my father-in-law on a guided walleye trip in the Columbia River. He had never seen or heard of walleye before.
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    Fishing Report

    Went to Selmac on the 4th. Started around 6am and left around 7:30am Caught and released 16 bass (with two anglers) on a white spinnerbait. No real size. All between 10-13 inches. Left when the shade did. P.S. Didn't make it out to Hyatt.
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    My Fishing Shirt

    About 9 years ago, a lady at church gave me a yellow short-sleeved shirt because her husband would not wear it. The first couple years I used it as an informal sport shirt and then it became my favorite fishing shirt. The yellow was a good contrast color to the scenery and the fish for photos...
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    Going south this weekend

    Heading to GP/Medford area this weekend. Any recent reports/news from Selmac or other bass lakes?
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    Cullaby 6/5

    Tried Cullaby Lake yesterday. Fishing was poor. Very windy temp 60degrees, while the water temp was 71. Boat control was extremely difficult precluding the use of plastics or jigs. My son caught one bass about 4 pounds on a chatterbait. I caught one about 3 pounds on a spinnerbait...
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    Sportsmen's Warehouse, too????

    After the sad demise of GI Joe's, I was shocked the other day when I saw that Sportsman's Warehouse off Johnson Creek had a new name. Apparently, they too, are under Chapter 11 which caused a dozen or so stores to be sold off to another company, while several more were totally liquidated...
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    I see on the bottom of the page that it says one year anniversary. Is that the one year for OFF? If so, Happy Anniversary. Let's look to the next ones for more and better. But this one has been a good ride. If not, my foot is really deep in my mouth.
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    Need to add Galesville to our listed lakes in Southwest Oregon. What an awesome bass fishery!!! Though I did catch a 17" trout in 25' of water next to a tree. It was a sad looking creature that was so skinny and disproportionate that we had a hard time ID'ing it at first. That and it was on...
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    Can you imagine?

    Everyone is grumbling about the high price of gas and diesel and yet we spend how much for our Starbuck's addiction? Yesterday my wife called me from Honolulu, she just spent $9 for a gallon of milk at a grocery store! :shock:
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    Topo maps

    Does anyone know of any on-line source for lake maps for Oregon lakes?
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    Father's Day

    Since my wife and oldest daughter left this morning for Hawaii (graduation present), they gave me my Father's Day gift early. It is a Garmin Nuvii GPS for my van. Been playing with it all day and have already used it to find some new fishing holes. What are you giving and/or getting this year?
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    Freeway Lakes south of Albany

    Just discovered the three little ponds known as Freeway Lakes. Saw a few bass and bluegill enjoying the sunshine in the shallows. I caught two bass on Akura Shads, but no significant size. Anyone fish there on a regular basis? Are there any larger fish? Since there is only one boat launch, is...
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    Death of a Legend

    Check this out! Lake Dixon bass dies - Bass Fishing - Forum
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    BOUNTY-ful fish

    Is anyone looking to participate in the Northern Pikeminnow (Squawfish) Bounty/Reward Program this year? The season just opened Monday and is open through September. My wife saw it on the news tonight and figured that I should be doing more of that. I said I would, but if I made enough to...
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    Silverton Lake

    Stopped by here and fished for a little while, too. Caught two bass in about 15 minutes on a spinnerbait. One was around a pound and the other was close to three. First time at this lake.