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    Squirrel hunting

    I'm talking about big western gray squirrel hunting not the city squirrels. Anyone hunt for these critters when september rolls around? They're tasty and fun to hunt but also veryy challenging. The numbers have declined over the years and it is very lucky to see at least 5 a day. If you've never...
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    Sea lions and crabs

    The family and I arrived at the fishing pier behind rogue brewery saturday at about 11 am. We quickly set up our rings with shad and waited a solid ten minutes. After pulling in the traps our bait was gone. This happened 2-3 rounds of waiting. I was puzzled.. I did however see a few sea lions...
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    I went catching today :)

    I went to bonneville dam for about 2 hours today. Went 5/10. Largest was 22 inches. Largest one. Nothing to brag though. Lol i dont know how to crop so yeah :)
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    Big Catch!

    Lol joke. Was fishing at bonneville for shad and the dude next to me reels in a 3 inch shad hooked by the tail. Yes i made sure it was a shad.. any explanation why this shad wasnt exponentially larger?
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    Shad recently??

    Gonna try my luck at bonneville tomorrow. Any recent reports? lucky colors? seen any action? I know water is super strong and high. Thanks
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    Help? advice? tips?

    Soooo, dad wants to go carping soon. I live out in the parkrose neighborhood in Ne Portland. Would like to know some specific areas where I could catch carp within 30 mins thanks and also bait and such. My best bet right now would be blue lake in my thinking
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    OK so I have seen this way too many times and it annoys me lol. It annoys me when a long time angler that stands about 6 ft tall sets the hook like he or she has no energy. Cmonn my little brothers can wham it harder than that.. Well its not really the way how they set hook that annoys me, its...
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    Nice trouts :D

    Hit Blue lake today with my family at around 10 am. Fished till 12. We were the first ones there. In about 10 minutes after making my first cast i hooked a fish but lost it. Then 15 minutes later a few folks showed up. I then had a goooood solid take but lost it too because the knot to my mono...
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    Fishing today

    Went to blue lake at around 10. no one had caught anything. On my first cast i had a bite but couldn't stick the fish. About 20 mins later my little brothers rod starts to throb like crazy. Of course he wasn't paying attention so i had to set the hook for him. It was a nice 15 incher. Shortly...
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    First fish of 2011 :D

    Hit up Blue lake today at around 12:40. Really windy and rainy. It was freezing cold. The lake was so full it almost reached the platform of the dock. Made my first cast, set the rod down, grabbed my phone to txt, next thing i know my rod is doubled over. I grabbed my rod and tried to feel the...
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    Are certain fluorocarbon really "invisible"?

    Wow, so i have a fish tank, about 35 gallons and was seeing which line was the most "invisible". I had stren blue, P-line 100% fluorocarbon, berkley vanish, and Maxima UG. To my surprise, UG was virtually invisible underwater. I had a hard time seeing the line. So why bother with fluorocarbon...
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    Trout stocking confirmation number?

    Anyone know the number?
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    Kastmaster lures hooks?

    Acme kastmasters kill trouts but the hooks are either not sharp or they just suck.. I lose wayy too many fishes because of the hooks popping out when the fish flops. Any suggestions to resolve this problemo?
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    Will my rod do??

    I have a 2-8 lb 7'0" okuma celio rod and am wondering if it could handle a steelhead with a good reel and a strong enough main line. I want to bobber fish with it, however I know that when bobber fishing it is better to use a longer rod for line mending and etc but I'm just 16 with no money...
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    Siletz today

    looks like photoshop lol...
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