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  • Saw your post asking for info on the Nf of the Trask, sorry I don't have any info there but you mentioned you like the small streams. This winter be sure and check out the N and S forks of the Wilson. The N fork comes in just downstream from the lee's camp store and south fork is at the deadline right across the hwy from the elk creek campground. Check the regs to make sure when they open it's either the first of december or first of january.
    Hey, I've got a favorite clack. creek to share if you feel like sharing yours? Maybe we can hit one of them up together sometime. My bro just had back surgery so I'm minus a fishing buddy this summer.
    Yeah I havent been on the water since Nov. I am looking forward to trout though now that I have another car I hope to be on the water most weekends once the weather shapes up. I cant wait for May an the start of my bass season.
    Hey man how you been doing? Any bonkin? I got me a Suburban so we need to get some guys together an hit some water sometime.
    Okay. Name time and place in the a.m. I'll be there. You've got my number. I should be up for a bit more. Gimmie a call or just PM where and when and I will be there.
    I fished Bowling Hole last Sat an yeah like 40 guys at the top of the hole 4' apart an then 30 more before the bridge an Im sure it will be worse tomorrow
    I could be convinced, perhaps. Right now I am planning on fishing in the morning and possibly going to Port State game after that. What were you thinking? You want to fish on the morning?
    Yeah I know the dog would love to get out I think my wife has to work what time you looking to go? Also I stopped by the lower Clack today an it wasn't to bad I was thinking of going up there tomorrow.
    Yeah I know its not what it used to be I was only planning on going if I saw alot of fish over the Falls. My thing is I want to fly fish for them an dont see that being a good thing at say Eagle Creek
    Hey man have you got much experiance in steelheading? I want to do some but want to do teh COMBAT FISHING I was thinking about the Molalla sence its right by my house.
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