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Crabbing 11/7 at Florence

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  • Crabbing 11/7 at Florence

    So yesterday my buddy and I decided to try the Siuslaw, what with the Domoic Acid closures down south.
    I got to tell you it was tough going.
    For five hours on the water with six traps soaking, we barely got 13 legal crabs, a couple of which were soft shells which on a better day I would have tossed back.
    There were in the mix three that were larger than seven inches across that were good hard shells.
    Quite a few times we pulled up empty traps and mostly when we found a legal sized crab there was only one among the few shorts in the trap
    I've been told this is not uncommon in the Siuslaw at this time of year.
    Must be a well known fact because even though the weather was, although not great but good enough that it wasn't uncomfortable out, we were the only crabbers out there.
    There was one other boat on the water out by the jetty drifting with the current fishing, and we encounter another boat up by the CG station trolling.
    But even so, a tough day on the water is far better than a day sitting around trying to find something to do with yourself.

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    that is about what I expect to hear this time of year, depending on how much rain we get over the winter, I will probably try crabbing way down low (A4 to A7 area) next May...cheers, roger


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      At least you got a few!.Hopefully it will open down here soon!It had been pretty good in the bay


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        I suspect it has a lot to do with the size of the estuary at Coos Bay.
        The Siuslaw has a very small estuary and with the rain it no doubt flushes the salt water from the river to the point that crabs find it an undesirable place to be.
        By comparison Coos Bay has an enormous estuary that I doubt ever flushes the lower bay area much beyond the brackish point. (Just an assumption.)
        One thing I do wonder, Does the state allow commercial crabbing within bays and estuaries?
        Anyone know the answer to this?
        Seems to me with the whole offshore area available to commercial crabbers, the rivers, bays, and estuaries should be kept for recreational fishing rather than letting the commercial fishers strip mine them to save a few dollars on fuel.


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          AS a matter of fact ,yes.There is a limited commercial fishery in the bay.They cannot fish on weekends and can ONLY use hoops or rings,no traps.I don't know if they limit the amount of permits,but I only know of 2 boats that do it.I also believe it a short season