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    Hello everyone. This is my first posting on this forum. i do know this topic has been discussed before but it seemed to me it was some time ago. i am very new to the area and also very new to shad fishing. as a matter of fact this wed/ thurs, will be my first experiance fishing for them. i was hoping for some updated info on locations and possibly Fly fishing techniques. (mostly location) i have heard that yellow creek in sutherlin gets a shad run but do they actually run up yellow creek or is the hole where the creek and the umpqua meet? and i have also heard of a spot called the "shad hole" near hubbard creek, but have no idea how to reach either? Any info will be helpful.

    -Thank You

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    My shad knowledge basically revolves around using spinning outfits drifting small leadheads with chartruse grubs. around 1/32 and 1/16th oz with added split shot above the line to tick bottom. As for locations I run out west of Sutherlin on 138 (i think) past the area of tyee. There is a pullout on the left side of the road (river side) just past yellow creek road. When the shad are in... you will know where to pull out as there are quite a few cars there. Other than that ive never fished for shad much.

    Btw Welcome to the forum.


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      Just went shad fishing yesterday! Getting burned out on the springer grind!!!

      You bringing a boat Ryan?

      My friend Jerry posing with his 1st ever Shad, kind of a funny story to go with it, when I scooped it up in the net I came up with 2 Shad! Alot of the time when you hook a bigger female there might be 5-6 males chasing her around as you bring her in, my son was actually trying to scoop the extra's up with the net the other evening!


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        No i dont have a boat. ill be bank fishing mainly. i did however find the spot out tyee. GREAT spot! Thank you intimidator for the info. it looks like alot of great fishing out in that area. today i think i will be heading over the bridge to see if there are some areas for smallmouth before the eavning shad start to bite.


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          I plan on driving down to fish there this afternoon or Monday morning.


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            have you been there before bilbobaker?


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              I've only fished below Elkton in the past, this year I plan on fishing upstream towards Kellog or higher.