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  • Steelhead?

    Hey all, I'm looking for information on John Day River Steelhead. The regs has the season between June 16th and March 31st. Anybody have any ideas when a "good" time of year is and where the fish are?

    thanks in advance.

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    The only portion of the John Day that I have fished for steelhead is near the mouth. I used to head up there in November. Watch the fish count for the John Day Dam. When the steel head count starts to rise, it's time to hit the water. That part of the river is a boat fishery. There is a good boat ramp at La Page Park right off the freeway. I used to take the boat up river and near a park that is on the east side of the river. I would troll close to the west bank. If nothing was happening there I would go further up river to the narrows (past the power lines) and troll there. I would pull a wiggle wart blue or green, sometime pink. Some folks anchor and bobber float eggs. It's been a couple of years since I was up there. It can get windy and cold, but since you live in Baker you already know about the cold! Also the water always seemed a wee bit turbid. A buddy of mine was up there last year and he said the La Page Park camp ground with full hookups was open in November. I have some vauge recollection about "B" run fish that were headed to Idaho going up the John Day and then back to the Columbia. I'll have to try and remember what that was about. I know you like the fly rod and I have no answers for you in that regard. I have never used the fly rod in that strech of the river. Hope this helps some. Irishrover
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      thanks Irish... I've been asking around a bit. I think that i will hit it at some point and yes, I would prefer to use the fly rod. I take a spinning rod just in case though :P


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        Joe here is a sight you might want to check out about the John Day and Fly Fishing John Day River steelhead photos professionally taken by Dave McCoy for Emerald Water Anglers.



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          love to fish on the Jon day for steelhead, better call and make sure boat ramp will be open. I called today they said they will try to have open on weekends.


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            The steelheading is VERY good in the lower John Day right now. My brother has been 3 times in the last 2 weeks and had great action all day! A couple clipped fish too.

            Hopefully (if I can get the day off :pray I'll be going over there Wednesday....


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              I got the day off to hit the John Day with my brother Thursday! Gonna make a whole, LONG day of it :dance: :dance:


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                Be sure to give an update in the evening if you can! I might be headed up to either Deschutes or John Day on Friday.


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                  Will do! Hopefully with lots of pic of fish


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                    Had a banner day on the John Day today! My best day of fishing yet. Landed 4 steels, one of which was a fin-clipped, and by brother got his hatchery fish too and 7 nates landed. I also caught a couple big suckers and a Pike Minnow.

                    All fish caught under bobber and sand shrimp.

                    Word is that the weather is NOT going to be good there tomorrow though. High winds, 25-50mph. Be sure to check the weather reports before heading out.

                    Today was beautiful though

                    Pics to come tomorrow!


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                      Congrats and thanks for the weather report! I was wondering what tomorrows forecast would be like considering the wind picking up through the gorge. It looks like I'll have to postpone tomorrows fishing until conditions improve.


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                        Just came inside and the wind is crazy over here in EO. good thing is that it's coming from the south which means it's warmer wind.