You snooze, you lose.

If you're into catching tons of stocked pelletheads this is your spot. It opened Fri night after being closed for 4 years. I was the only person on the water.

If you can't tell, Mt Hood is in the background. Campground isn't open yet. Day use only.

Casting Call
Where! where? I am a frequent flyer. Pm me. Tony
troutdude tell. Also sending a PM.
You guys are no fun. I gave some great clues so you could figure it out.šŸ˜‰ Here's another. You need the new Hood River county forest parking pass to park. I'm hoping getting this lake open will take some pressure off the other local lakes.

No hold overs. They drained it to dirt during reconstruction. If you zoom in you can see some heavy equipment still working on the South end.

I'll PM later if you're still stuck.šŸ˜
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Thank you. But I'm not familiar enough with Hood River county lakes. I have only fished Timothy and Harriet so far.
Google earth and a google search would give it to you quickly. ;)

Sent you guys a pm.
Thanks for the PM bro. Having a lake all to one's self--is beyond idyllic and doesn't happen anymore. Sounds like a GREAT day, to me, even if no fish were caught!
I live in Hood River, and am SO stoked to see this back open again. Unfortunately I haven't been able to make it out there since reopening. Years ago I would often (well, on weekday eve's) be solo out there on my tube, tossing caught fish to the Bald Eagles as they swoop down at me. Fun!
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