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ol tymer
Drove up to Gerber yesterday after checking with BLM in Klamath Falls regarding water level. They assured me the reservoir was full and the north campground dock was in the water. After launching, we (wife, me, 2 grandsons) motored slowly to the middle of the lake and immediately saw hundreds of fish on the ol' fishfinder. They were hanging out about 18 to 24 feet below us in water 26 feet deep. After cruising near the shore in about 5 to 10 ft of water, no, I repeat, no fish showed up on the sonar, which leads me to believe they have not yet entered the shallows to spawn. So we anchored above the biggest bunch out in the middle, and tried every enticement we had on board and not one hit. Nada, nothing!! Fished 3 hours and no luck at all. Water temp was 58.6 degrees out in the middle and 60-61 degrees in shallower water. So, perhaps a few more days of this glorious weather will see a definite improvement in fishing as these fish move into shallow water to perform what they do best, other than fighting on the end of my line.
Did you try floating just a worm down to them? What species were they?
ol tymer
Sorry, my fish finder does not have the capability to determine species, but their size indicates they are most likely crappie or perch, with an occasional bass. Yes, we tried everything we had. Gonna try again today at a different lake but in the same general area.
LOL. I must have been tired when I read your thread. I didn't notice that you didn't catch anything.

I have never heard of crappie schooling out in the middle. So, I'd have to agree that they were likely perch (or another specie).

If you do ever find a fish finder that does identify what specie a "blip" is...let me know. I'll be your marketing guru, and we'll make MILLIONS!!! $$$
ol tymer
10-4 troutdude.
I've had the same problems in the four or five times I've fished Gerber. I've had the most luck using a red/white 1/32 oz tube jig for crappie. As for the perch, I've never had a lot of luck with worms, but I have caught them by catching tree frogs, slicing them into quarters, and using the frog chunks. Sounds gross, but it works! Just make sure the frog is dead, because using a live frog is inhumane and illegal...
At Gerber last two weekends fishing off shore. No action yet whatsoever near dam while I was there. Camp host said a few crappie were being taken off the boat ramp area on the other side, but I couldn't see anyone doing any catching there either.
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