Willamette River Springers

When is the best time to fish Willamette River for springers? And how far do they run? Will they make it to Newberg area?
They make it all the way up here. Start watching the counts from the falls.
thank you, i looked at the fish counts from last year and it seems that april and may seem to be the best months to fish, how long should someone expect the fish to get this far up from willamette falls?
About 1 to 2 days in your neck of the woods, 27 days to mine, 15 days to waterloo on the south. Understand these are one of the most problematic and finicky fish oregon has to offer. They can be ridicoulsley picky. They are technical, and above all else FUN! If they give you fits let me know...lots of first timers swear they don't exist.
my next question is this then, would they run like the coho did up to the yamhill or would they be more spread out, i am learning here so any and all help is much appreciated, and on that run you want to use some herring as well?
most guys there run quick fish from what I understand. I don't fish that section much so I'm not quite sure but herring is always a solid bet. Also the yamhill doesn't get that many springers. I would look to some of the deeper holes in the river on outside corners and in the channels. Considering approx. 68,000 should clear the falls this year you should find a few. Also bear in mind that these fish are headed to the santiams, mckenzie, and upper willy. So try and find the traveling lanes and the depth they are at and let them have it.
Can't wait for the run to start. Gonna hit Chinook Landing to start with, then as they get to my fave plunking hole(only 3 miles from my house), I'll hit there daily.
What is the best tecnique and set up from a boat ??
I would say watch the counts going over the falls and that should be a good indication where the fish are. What part of the river are you planning on fishing.
I was thinking meldrum to the falls somewhere in the area
Good ol' garbage hole.. I would try backtrolling.. Eggs, K14 kwikfish, I really wouldnt start fishing it until late march. But watch the counts and if it shows theres good quanity of salmon around go for it..
April and the month of May is my best bet for the best fishing in the Willamette river.
when do they make there way through eugene and to dexter damn area
10-15 days after they come over the falls!
They follow the Morels up the valley.Isn't the P.N.W. great,shrooms and salmon in the spring time,yum yum..
When do the springers start showing up in the lower river ie harrisburg through eugene? whats most productive method to fish for em??
From Springfield on up(both rivers) fishing from the bank most guys drift bait for em. You could also toss a float and jig/bait for em. Heard of a few people plunking bait for them. From a boat you can do all that and side drift along with back bouncing plugs/bait for them. Also you can toss hardware. Down on your half ov the river I thing its wider and deeper with less riffles I almost think I remember hearing about people trolling for them or maybe that was in the salem area. As for when, go to the odfw site and find fish passages and go to willamette falls. You can watch the fish counts as the pass through the ladder but its a few days back. shouldn't take the fish more than a few days to get to you. We got one last year tossing spoons from the boat on the willamette in town here right at the I-5 bridge were all the construction is. Only 2000 springers over the falls to date when that happened. I'm sure other people have more info than me hope this helps though. I'll have to show you my spot in town sometime but you have to catch them on the move since its not holding water. Hayden bridge is a good holding spot for them and so is greenwood both on the mckenzie. Gonna try to plunk bait at both spots this year. Got one drifting bait a few years back at greenwood.
Normally around the 7th of May to the 15th of May when they arrive.
Remember that from the Harrisburg bridge to where the McKenzie goes into the Willamette river is Flies and lures only. I didn't realize that until I got home from fishing the Marshall Island boat ramp.
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