Why isn't everyone fishing bass?



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Guess I should clarify I do fish salmon steelhead I just know so many people that have lived here their whole lives and almost exclusively fish for them...
I've lived here my whole life here in Oregon and fish for all kinds of fish! Bass and crappie have always been some of my faves, I eat them where as I don't care so much for STS.
Right now I've got the Bass bug. Tanner said I disappeared last April when the Bass and crappie were hitting. I think I may hit this place tomorrow.



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I have thoroughly enjoyed this thread.

I lived in NC for a while, and similar to what Shaun saw in Texas, the fishing pressure on bass is insane. Most lakes had multiple tournaments going on every week. Most points on big lakes had multiple boats working them over day and night. The national tournaments and the money the top guys make is insane. There is just so much appeal.

Out here that same emotion rolls for salmon and steelhead. They are considered to be the glory fish by the bulk of the angling population. Perhaps quite a bit of that stems from them being the money fish (commercial) out here for generations past. Perhaps some of it is seeing that it costs a lot of $$$ to buy PNW salmon at the grocery store. Maybe it is because they are native and perhaps some of the allure is their elusiveness (due to depressed stocks).

I imagine a lot of Europeans are astounded that we do not treasure carp they way that they do. It is only very small groups of anglers that chase carp religiously in the US.

In the end, I am glad to live in a place where there is excellent fishing for species I find fun to catch and that are not overly pursued. Species that are naturally producing and resident year round. I find that a common link between enjoying sturgeon fishing and bass fishing. All I know for sure is that I am glad that most folks in the PNW like to turn their noses up at bass fishing!


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A good top water bite is pretty hard to beat! I don't think you can beat the strength of a wild steelhead,though.What the heck...they are all fun to catch!


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I feel that bass fishing is more exciting in that you have more tools to work with and more styles of fishing than with STS.

"I am not against golf, since I cannot but suspect it keeps armies of the unworthy from discovering trout."~ Paul O'Neil

Same can be said for STS vs bass to an extent.

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