Where to go Steelhead Fishing?

Hey everybody,

Haven't been fishing for a bit, looking to go tomorrow. Any suggestions on a good place to go in the Willamette Zone or Northwest Zone. I was thinking the Sandy/Cedar Creek or the Nehalem. Any good suggestions?


Just got back from the Sandy (Dodge Park area). The river looks great, nice color, nice level. I fished from above the bridge to the mouth of the Bull Run with only one hit and that was it for me. One fellow landed a fish (native) up by the bridge. That was the only real action all day. I was there from about 11am to after 3pm. There was pleanty of room to fish as the place was not crowded and those that did show up did not stay long. It was a nice day no wind and overcast.
I'd go to the NORTH FORK Nehalem (I just read that the main stem isn't very fishable)...or the Nestucca below the town of Blaine.
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nestucca is producing fish early in the morning right when it gets light and then the bite slows a bit. cedar creek hatchery on three rivers if producing some fat little hatchery fish. you just have to get there at 7am to get a spot :/
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