Where to go around Bend?

A little last minute, but, I'll be in Bend this weekend. I'll have salmon, steelhead, and trout gear with me. Any recommendations? I've never been.
Head up the Cascade Lakes Loop. One of my favorite places there is not too far from Bend, its right past Mt. Bachelor and is called Devil's Lake. I do not think it is on the map in the regulation book but it is right along the Cascades Highway. Go past Mt. Bachelor, past Sparks Lake (a large, shallow, grassy lake) and Devil's Lake is about 1 mile past that. It has been stocked 5x1000 this summer 5/31, 7/12, 7/19, 8/9, and 8/23. There are these stocker rainbows and a resident population of brookies. I do well on the northeast corner but anywhere's good.

Other than that I recommend Big Lava Lake (best with some kind of boat or float) and Crane Prairie (for big bows!)


Second that....one of my life wishes is to have that delima " A little last minute, but, I'll be in Bend this weekend. " So much water and so very little time. Good luck and don't forget your camera

A boat or float tube is a huge advantage in this area.
Crane Prairie, Wickiup, Davis, Cultus, Lava....the list goes on.
Hello Oregon fishing brethren.
I'm an off-season guide from the Tahoe area. I'm working my fall job doing geothermal stuff and I'll be working out of Bend for the next 2-3 weeks. I may have a day off to go down and join the party on the Lower Deschutes, but mainly I'm wondering what possibilities may lay close to town, stuff I can hit after work. I dig just about anything, trout, carp, bass, and will be packing a 5, a 7, and a 6WT switch rod. I think I'm staying at the Days Inn. If any of you have any spots you're willing to share with an out-of-towner, I'd be grateful. I'd be stoked to buy you a sixer and a tall can and make some casts with you as well.
Cheers, Larry
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I like to chase steelhead. I would plan on spending a night or two in the Maupin area and fish the Deschutes from the BLM access road all the way down to Mack's Canyon....legendary waters.
Fly shops in town can give you the latest reports.

If you like trout consider the South Junction or Trout Creek areas of the Deschutes.

For a glimpse of what heaven is going to look like, go to Camp Sherman and fish the Metolius.

Good luck !
I love to chase them too when I can, it's a bit tough being in a Great Basin drainage. Def. want to have the steelhead as first priority if I get a rare day off. My friend James Sampsel is in Maupin, hopefully get his boat out... What kind of tips are you using ie- grain and length?
I'm a gear guy fishing with a 100% direct drive reel and homemade French blades. Your first fish on one of these will make you pee in your pants :)
These are summer steelhead and they are very aggressive. The fly guys that I fish with are mostly spey these days and are fishing floating lines and standard steelhead patterns like Freight Train, Max Canyon, and a large dose of unrecognizable stuff.
I've noticed that a bright (nickel) hook tied sparsely can be the ticket.

With the October Caddis hatch on the horizon a steelhead on a skater is a real possibility.

I hope you get to fish it.....it's a magic place.
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