Where to get a handle

I just got an older 12ft aluminum Delcraft and one of the rear handles to carry the boat is missing. I have tried Harvey marina and Bi-mart and didn't see anything like it. Do you have any suggestion on where to check around Aloha? Thanks
If you're looking for a DIRECT replacement, it probably will be tough, you'll need two most likely for a matching set.

A lot of industrial catalogs sell handles, of many sorts.

Look up:


I had a similar problem with my Western boat and just bought two new ones at "Fisherman's Marine and Outdoors". You might also try "Western Marine Supply" in Delta Park or Tigard.
Thanks, I will give them a try.
If you can't find them there - give Bi Mart another look or try Ace Hardware - you can probably get Brass handles (they'll be over in the home improvement section) that will work. Look with the drawer pulls/cabinet handles, there might be something big enough to suit your needs.
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