Where to fish winter steelhead?-Eugene area


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I am new to this forum and I am a rookie fisherman (my grandpa would be disappointed). I recently moved to Eugene from Portland and was wondering if anyone could offer some tips as to which rivers and streams near Eugene (within an hour or so), are good for winter steelhead runs. I plan to fish from the bank while using the "bobber and jig" method as I am a beginner. Thanks in advance and good luck to you all!



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The first 3 coastal rivers I can think of, within about an hour of Eugene that have winter steelhead runs, are the Umpqua, Alsea, and Siuslaw.


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Roger is spot on. I think the Siuslaw is closet, with the Umpqua also being fairly close. The Alsea comes in #3, with the Siletz at #4. Or the Siletz may be tied with the Coquille, in terms of distance. Winter Steel, is all a Coastal show. The Eugene area only has Summer Run Steel.

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If you are new to steelhead fishing I would focus on the Alsea and the Siuslaw. Smaller water is easier to learn how to read and there are less places for the fish to hide. If the water is green in color and 2-3 feet of visibility try water thats 2-4 feet in depth with “walking speed” current. If the water is clear start focusing on the slower holes that are 4+ feet deep. When the water drops and gets colder the fish will recede to deeper water. Good luck and feel free to pm me if you have any more questions.
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