Where to fish for Crappie in oregon?

Does anyone know where to fishing for crappie, good size and plentiful?
if you go south theres some ponds, wilsonville pond west side of freeway, woodburn pond, east side of freeway, by rest area, then theres st louis ponds by gervais, and willamette mission lake by the wheatland ferry. I believe all of these places have crappie(if not I hope someone corrects me) though I dont know about sizes and numbers. good luck, Brian
I wouldn't waste my time at Woodburn Pond. If you've ever been to St. Louis and saw how difficult it is with the weeds there, Woodburn is probably 10 times worse. I have doubts that there is much left in that pond either. Fished a number of times at Wilsonville Pond last year and saw no Bluegill or Crappie, but still some Catfish and Bass in there(and Carp if that appeals). St. Louis would be better than those 2 for Crappie, although usually find more Bluegill than anything there. Best bet is a place by St. Paul where last year I had my best luck, landing nice sized of all the above mentioned(not counting the 6 pound Cat from Wilsonville). Not sure that place is very well known. Seen a number of people there coming away with some nice Bass(4+ pounds).
Snake River, some in backwater on the Columbia in Eastern Oregon; but mainly on the Snake River. Willow Creek recreation area (have to go through the Three Mile Canyon exit to get there, but you can see it from the freeway) off of I-84.

If you ever travel south...the Long Tom River has lots of Crappie, in many different stretches. There are also peeps that fish in Fern Ridge reservoir (west of Eugene), at nighttime for them too. And, April is typically the best month. Lots of cats in there too on the south end along the highway.
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